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Precut Paper

Precut Butcher Paper for Sublimation / Heat Press Crafts

Precut Butcher Paper for Sublimation / Heat Press Crafts

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Precut butcher paper makes sublimation and heat press crafting a breeze. Each sheet is precut to fit sublimation blanks perfectly. No cutting, trimming, wasting paper and best of all no hassle. Precut Paper comes in convenient, craft-ready sizes that provide the perfect size every time.

Our professional-quality paper can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees to protect your heat press, sublimation blank and heat mat against burns and blowout. It also captures excess moisture released during transfer to ensure sharp images and is incredibly smooth and designed to slide into your mug press easily. With Precut Paper® you can rest assured that your heat press is protected and your images stay crisp.

It also makes sublimation and heat pressing a less noisy process. No more dealing with heavy paper rolls or the annoying sound of paper being cut. You can sublimate and heat press any time of day without the grating noise! Unlike heavy rolls and large standardized sheets, Precut Paper is lightweight and fits neatly into a drawer for easy storage.

With Precut Paper, you’ll save time, have more fun and never have to deal with heavy butcher paper rolls again. 

CUT TO PERFECTION TO FIT: Fits 10 oz Stackable Sublimation Blanks 


  • For infusible ink mug projects, use 3 sheets. 
  • For sublimation mug projects, use 1-3 sheets (manufacturers like Cricut recommend using 3).
  • For sublimation craft blanks (e.g., keychains, etc.), use two sheets. Fasten one to the bottom of blank with heat-resistant tape and place one on top of the sublimation blank. 
  • You can reuse paper if there is no ink on the sheet.

* Resealable Package * Sustainable (Recyclable) * Made in USA * Woman-Owned Small Business * 

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