The Double Dutch Dance of Launching a New Product

The Double Dutch Dance of Launching a New Product

Did you know that besides managing BakeSpace, I've also spearheaded a food blogger conference called TECHmunch for over ten years? Over that time, I organized approximately 20 events across several cities and had the pleasure of meeting numerous talented food bloggers. The motivation behind launching the conference was my desire not only to connect with bloggers but also to contribute to the development of their local communities.

Recognizing opportunities has always been a strong suit of mine – just ask my husband; I'm constantly brewing up new concepts. The inception of BakeSpace occurred to me in 2006 following a cake decorating class when I sought connections with fellow home cooks. At the time, MySpace was the closest platform for live interaction. The idea for our cookbook platform struck me while in the shower. Additionally, after numerous inquiries about my dog collars, I ventured into a dog collar business called Halo Dog to provide an alternative to Amazon.

During the pandemic, I delved into mug sublimation, an unfamiliar territory in the crafting world. Despite spending 16 years in the food industry, it felt like a fresh start. Experimenting with printers, inks, mugs, and even t-shirts was immensely enjoyable. However, the process of cutting butcher paper proved laborious, reminiscent of my childhood spent assisting my mom with foil cutting for hair highlights. Consequently, the idea for precut butcher paper for sublimation crafts materialized, leading to the launch of, which remains a passion project to this day.

Nonetheless, my primary passion has always been BakeSpace. While developing BakeBot's AI recipe maker with my AI developer, Dave, we brainstormed various other ideas. One such idea was an AI tool to aid in crafting social media posts, leading to the birth of Tasty Update, now officially launched. It stands as the first AI tool capable of generating custom social media posts, complete with matching images and relevant hashtags, all in just a few clicks.

Launching a product entails a blend of excitement and apprehension that's difficult to articulate. It feels akin to playing Double Dutch with destiny – navigating swinging ropes, timing jumps, and finding rhythm. It's a delicate balance of innovation and market acceptance, where one misstep could lead to chaos.

Yet, much like Double Dutch, launching products like BakeBot and Tasty Update is about more than just avoiding pitfalls. It's about finding your stride, asserting your style, and trusting in your team and hard work. Throughout my life, I've embraced new ideas with fervor.

With BakeBot and Tasty Update, we haven't just created clever tools; we've revolutionized the game. We're not merely participants; we're changing the rules entirely.

However, the true beauty of both tools lies not only in their features but in the creative freedom they offer. They empower individuals to bring their wildest ideas to fruition effortlessly and stylishly – whether it's a new recipe with BakeBot or a captivating social media post with Tasty Update.

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