Lucia's Deluxe Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies w/White Chocolate Drizzle at #BakeCamp LA

Lucia's Deluxe Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies w/White Chocolate Drizzle at #BakeCamp LA

Meet the Cookie Baker Extraordinaire: Lucia Odono

Do you have a sweet tooth that craves the rich, velvety embrace of chocolate? If you're nodding your head in agreement, then you're in for a treat at BakeCamp LA – Weekend 1: Hollywood on October 7th! The star of the show? None other than the talented cookie baker, Lucia Odono, who will be whipping up her mouthwatering Deluxe Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies w/White Chocolate Drizzle.

A Chocolate Lover's Dream

If you're one of those people who believes that there's no such thing as too much chocolate, then Lucia's Deluxe Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies are destined to become your new obsession. These decadent cookies feature not one, not two, but three types of chocolate – milk, semisweet, and dark. It's a symphony of chocolate that's sure to delight any chocolate lover's palate.

Lucia's cookies are the perfect balance of flavors and textures. They're just slightly crisp on the outside, giving you that satisfying crunch when you take your first bite. But inside, they transform into a soft, chewy, chocolatey paradise that will leave you craving for more.

Lucia's Cookie Philosophy

For Lucia, the secret to the perfect cookie lies in achieving that delicate balance between textures. Her favorite type of cookie is, you guessed it, slightly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle. It's the kind of cookie that you can't help but savor with each bite, letting the flavors melt in your mouth.

Lucia also has a fantastic cookie tip to share: "An overcooked cookie doesn't have to go in the trash. If it's not burned, it automatically becomes a coffee dunker! Turn that negative into a positive!" So, the next time you accidentally leave your cookies in the oven a tad too long, remember Lucia's sage advice – they're now ready to be paired with your morning coffee.

A Sweet Family Tradition

Baking isn't just a passion for Lucia; it's a cherished family tradition that she holds close to her heart. Growing up in a house where her mother loved to bake, Lucia was fortunate to learn the art of baking by her side. It wasn't just about satisfying a sweet tooth; it was about creating memories together in the kitchen.

One of Lucia's fondest cookie memories revolves around Christmas. Each year, she and her mother would bake Polvorones, also known as Mexican Wedding Cakes. These delightful cookies are made with butter, pecans, and confectionery sugar, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth treat that captures the essence of the holiday season.

This special tradition not only enriched Lucia's love for baking but also served as a source of inspiration. It's a reminder that baking isn't just about mixing ingredients and following recipes; it's about connecting with loved ones and creating something beautiful together.

Don't Miss Out at BakeCamp LA – Weekend 1: Hollywood!

If you're as excited as we are to taste Lucia's Deluxe Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies w/White Chocolate Drizzle and learn more about her cookie-baking secrets, then be sure to mark your calendars for October 7th at BakeCamp LA – Weekend 1: Hollywood. It's an opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth, meet Lucia in person, and celebrate the magic of baking and family traditions.

Lucia's journey from learning in her mother's kitchen to becoming a cookie artist in her own right is a testament to the power of love, family, and the sweet joys of life. So, join us at BakeCamp LA and let Lucia's cookies take you on a chocolate-filled adventure you won't soon forget!

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