Hannah's Sweet Treats at #BakeCamp LA

Hannah's Sweet Treats at #BakeCamp LA

Meet Baker Hannah Klein: A Cookie Enthusiast Headlining BakeCamp Weekends

Are you ready to embark on a delectable journey through the world of cookies? Look no further, because we are thrilled to introduce you to the talented baker, Hannah Klein, who will be joining us at ALL THREE BakeCamp Weekends this October! Get ready to indulge your taste buds with her amazing creations and learn from her cookie baking expertise.

BakeCamp Weekend 1: Hollywood on Oct 7, Weekend 2: Pacific Palisades on Oct 14, and Weekend 3: San Fernando Valley on Oct 22 are all dates you'll want to mark on your calendar. Whether you're a seasoned baker or just getting started, these weekends promise an unforgettable experience filled with sweet treats and valuable insights.

Hannah Klein, a name synonymous with creativity and deliciousness, is set to share her passion for cookies at all three BakeCamp weekends. When asked about her favorite type of cookies, Hannah's say it's her love for variety. "I love Linzer cookies. I’m a big fan of fruity desserts, but I also can’t resist a homemade chocolate chip cookie. I really just love all cookies," she gleefully admits.

But it's not just her diverse cookie preferences that make Hannah stand out; it's her baking tips that truly set her apart. Sharing a valuable piece of advice, Hannah explains, "I really love using almond extract along with vanilla extract. I think it adds a dynamic flavor profile." This unique combination of extracts elevates her cookies to a whole new level of taste and aroma.

One of Hannah's fondest cookie-related memories revolves around the holiday season. "For the holidays one year, I made three different almond cookies that all had the same base recipe. It was so fun, and they came out beautifully." This memory perfectly encapsulates Hannah's spirit of experimentation and her ability to turn a simple recipe into a canvas for creativity.

At BakeCamp, attendees can expect to not only learn the techniques behind Hannah's baking magic but also to connect with a passionate baker who truly loves her craft. From the intricate Linzer cookies to the classic chocolate chip creations, Hannah's journey through the world of cookies is a testament to the power of culinary exploration.

As you gear up for BakeCamp, be sure to prepare your taste buds for a rollercoaster ride of flavors and textures. With Hannah Klein's expertise and enthusiasm, you're bound to leave with a newfound appreciation for cookies and baking. So, whether you're a Linzer enthusiast, a chocolate chip connoisseur, or someone who simply adores all things baked and sweet, Hannah's creations are sure to leave an indelible mark on your taste palate and your baking repertoire.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet the incredible Hannah Klein and learn from the best. Get ready to connect with top cookie fans in LA, and create lasting memories at BakeCamp this October. Your cookie journey awaits!

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