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Meet BakeBot -- our one-of-a-kind AI recipe maker & kitchen sidekick for instant culinary fun.

BakeBot elevates your cooking skills, ignites your culinary creativity, and rescues you from cooking conundrums.

Here's a sneak peek! Don't worry, you'll be able to try the tool yourself. Just keep scrolling.


Babette, Founder of

  • We've been around since 2006

    Launched as the Web's first food-themed social network, is a recipe community that has attracted home cooks from around the world. Members can save, share & swap their favorite recipes via their online kitchen.

  • We're always cooking up new ideas!

    In 2012, we introduced BakeSpace's Cookbook Cafe, the first free DIY cookbook publisher, marketplace & reader to empower members to create and sell their own cookbooks. Over 10,000 bespoke cookbooks have been published by home cooks, community groups and food pros.

  • And now, we're thrilled to share our most ambitious feature to date.

    BakeBot leverages AI to transform meal planning and recipe creation.

    Simple by Design - BakeBot is built to introduce home cooks to AI in a way that's friendly and empowering.

What Makes BakeBot Unique?

BakeBot isn't just another recipe generator or chatbot — it's a culinary game-changer.


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Innovative Use of AI

BakeBot leverages cutting-edge AI technology to create personalized recipes tailored to your tastes and dietary preferences. Adaptive capabilities make it a true kitchen companion, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned chef. BakeBot doesn't just create a prompts the user to refine the recipe until it's perfection. It's like having a friend (and trained chef) in the kitchen.

bring the past into the future

Next-Generation Recipe Creation

With BakeBot, you can:

- Create any recipe from scratch from just a few words.

- Instantly upload any recipe you want to save to BakeSpace, just copy & paste!

- Upload recipe documents and recipe cards instantly! Preserve family memories (it can even read handwritten recipe cards from Grandma).

BakeBot's simple and intuitive interface makes the process effortless.

And then the fun starts

The Ultimate Kitchen Assistant

BakeBot goes beyond just providing recipes—it enhances your overall cooking experience. From instant answers to cooking questions to seamless interaction with your recipes.

You'll find our BakeBot popup chat on every recipe and cookbook on If you'd like to swap out an ingredient, ask a cooking question or want to see what a modification would look like, simply click on the chat box and ask away!

How BakeBot Changes the Digital Kitchen Landscape

BakeBot reshapes the way we think about cooking and recipe creation. It's the first fully-customizable AI recipe maker.


  • Redefining Recipe Generation

    By leveraging AI, BakeBot is redefining the traditional recipe generation process. Its ability to understand food and adapt to individual preferences sets it apart.

  • Empowering Home Cooks

    BakeBot puts the power of AI in the hands of home cooks, empowering them to create delicious, personalized recipes with ease.

  • Enhancing Culinary Exploration

    Whether you're experimenting with new ingredients or digitizing heirloom family recipes, BakeBot inspires creativity and encourages exploration in the kitchen.

    It's just plain fun!

BakeBot Tutorial

Feeling inspired? Try BakeBot!


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