Meet the Baker Valentina Chia Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Valentina's Chai Chocolate Chunk Cookies at #BakeCamp LA

Introducing Valentina: The Extraordinary Baker Behind Chai Chocolate Chunk Cookies at BakeCamp LA (Get Tickets)!

Valentina is a master recipe developer, food writer, and photographer, whose extraordinary talents can be found on Brace yourself for a delightful surprise as Valentina unveils her all-time favorite cookies: the irresistible Chai Chocolate Chunk Cookies at BakeCamp LA. Prepare for an explosion of flavors that will warm your heart and soothe your soul!

Valentina's Chai Chocolate Chunk Cookies are a testament to her exceptional baking skills. Crafted over two decades ago, this original recipe remains her absolute favorite, consistently delighting everyone who takes a bite. Picture a harmonious blend of aromatic spices and generous chunks of chocolate, resulting in a truly magical cookie experience.

Valentina's fondest cookie-related memory transports her back to her mother's kitchen, where she would find her mom scooping peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough onto a baking sheet. The background music of Billy Joel added an extra layer of joy to the baking process, turning it into a cherished tradition that Valentina holds dear to her heart.

Mark your calendar for BakeCamp in Pacific Palisades on October 14th and come try Valentina's Chai Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

In the meantime, Discover Valentina's Cookie Tips and Tricks:

Valentina has kindly shared some of her invaluable cookie wisdom, and we couldn't resist passing them along to you:

  1. Achieve Cookie Perfection with a Cookie Scoop: For consistently beautiful and evenly sized cookies, employ the use of a cookie scoop whenever possible. This handy tool ensures uniformity and results in visually pleasing treats.
  2. The Secret to Soft Texture: Valentina's secret for achieving a perfect soft texture is both simple and magical. When removing the cookies from the oven, they should appear slightly underdone. Trust the process! As they cool on the hot baking sheet, they will continue to bake, resulting in a delightful soft and chewy center.

Beyond BakeCamp, Explore Valentina's Cookbook:

In addition to her extraordinary baking talents, Valentina is also the author of the captivating cookbook, "Cooking On The Weekends - For The Love Of Food!" which has been downloaded over 2500 times. Don't miss the chance to discover her culinary treasures and get your free copy here.

Join us at BakeCamp on October 14th in Pacific Palisades to indulge in Valentina's delectable Chai Chocolate Chunk Cookies and support our puppies in need! 

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