Tony's Sundae Fundae at #BakeCamp LA

Tony's Sundae Fundae at #BakeCamp LA

Meet Pro Baker Tony Kharbertyan: The Sundae Fundae Cookie Master

BakeCamp LA is about to get a delicious treat as renowned pro baker Tony Kharbertyan, owner of, will be showcasing his culinary expertise at two events - Hollywood Oct 7, Pacific Palisades Oct 14 and San Fernando Valley Oct 22. Tony's journey from being laid off during the pandemic to becoming a successful baker is a testament to his passion and dedication to the art of baking. Join us as we delve into his baking adventure and explore his scrumptious creation, the Sundae Fundae cookie, along with his personal favorites and cookie tips!

From Dream to Reality: The Belle Bakery Cafe Story

For Tony Kharbertyan, baking has always been more than just a profession; it's a science he loves to eat. From his early fascination with baking science experiments to attending the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Tony's dream of owning his bakery slowly took shape. After gaining valuable experience at renowned establishments like Eden Burger Bar, Backdoor Bakery, and Nickel Diner, fate intervened during the pandemic, leading Tony to start his home-based cookie business, Fundae Cookies.

In a beautiful twist of destiny, the stars aligned when the Kharbertyan family stumbled upon Belle Bakery Cafe for sale in 2022. Tony, along with his family members Grigor and Zabela, took over the business, infusing it with their love for creating a welcoming space for everyone who enters – a place where friends become family.

The Sundae Fundae Cookie: A Taste of Nostalgia

The Sundae Fundae cookie is an original recipe creation that holds a special place in Tony's heart. It was his favorite flavor combination during his time running Fundae Cookies. The delightful cookie is made with crushed waffle cones, rainbow sprinkles, and dark chocolate chunks, creating a nostalgic experience reminiscent of enjoying a giant ice cream sundae. Each bite is a journey back to the carefree days of childhood, savoring an indulgent treat. No wonder it's a hit among cookie enthusiasts!

Tony's Favorite Cookie: The Classic Snickerdoodle

Despite being a master of diverse flavors, Tony's own go-to cookie is the classic Snickerdoodle. He appreciates its perfect texture – soft and crispy on the outside, tender and chewy on the inside. The touch of cinnamon adds a hint of spice, making it a timeless and satisfying treat. Simple yet unforgettable, the Snickerdoodle captures the essence of what a cookie should be.

Tony's Cookie Tip: The Secret to Chewy Perfection

Tony's baking expertise extends beyond creating delectable cookies; he also has a valuable tip for cookie enthusiasts. To achieve the perfect chewy texture, Tony advises not to overbake your cookies. As tempting as it may be to wait for them to turn golden brown all around, removing them from the oven a minute earlier helps preserve that soft, gooey center that cookie lovers adore.

A Beloved Tradition: Decorating Gingerbread Cookies

Beyond the realm of baking scrumptious cookies, Tony also cherishes a favorite cookie tradition – decorating gingerbread cookies during the holidays. The joy of baking gingerbread cookies is not just in their simplicity but also in the fun of decorating them with family and friends. These cookies are perfect for celebrating the holiday season, making memories, and sharing moments of togetherness over a glass of milk and a plate of beautifully adorned gingerbread cookies.

With Tony Kharbertyan gracing BakeCamp LA and presenting his Sundae Fundae cookie, attendees are in for a delightful and mouthwatering experience. Tony's journey from a love of baking science experiments to owning Belle Bakery Cafe showcases the power of following one's passion. As you visit the humble LA bakery and coffee shop, you will be greeted with delicious croissants, custom cakes, and, of course, Tony's favorite, the Snickerdoodle cookie. So, mark your calendars for the baking extravaganza and indulge in the delectable creations made with love by the Kharbertyan family!

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