Rebecca's Raspberry Lychee Vegan French Macarons at #BakeCamp LA

Rebecca's Raspberry Lychee Vegan French Macarons at #BakeCamp LA

Rebecca Rodriguez: Baking Sweet Memories and Vegan Delights at BakeCamp LA Weekend 3

Cookies have the remarkable ability to transport us back in time, evoking cherished memories of comfort and joy. And in the world of cookies, Rebecca Rodriguez, the founder of Scarlett Phoenix Sweet Treats, is a true master. Her passion for creating delicious and unforgettable cookies has led her to reinvent traditional treats as vegan delights, ensuring that everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, can enjoy the magic of cookies. This year, Rebecca will be showcasing her talents at BakeCamp LA Weekend 3 in San Fernando Valley on October 22nd, where she will be baking a specialty that's sure to leave you craving for more: Raspberry Lychee Vegan French Macarons.

Rebecca's Culinary Journey:

Rebecca's journey as a cookie baker began with a challenge that she set for herself during the COVID-19 pandemic. She decided to tackle one of the most notoriously difficult cookies to master – the French macaron. Not only did she take on this challenging task, but she also made it even more complicated by creating a vegan version. This decision was not just a culinary experiment; it was driven by love and compassion.

As she perfected the art of making vegan French macarons, Rebecca discovered that her future brother-in-law had an egg allergy. This revelation inspired her to continue perfecting her vegan macaron recipe so he could enjoy a safe dessert and feel included in family gatherings. As a beautiful testament to her commitment, when he got married, he chose Rebecca's vegan macarons as the wedding dessert, allowing him to savor his newfound favorite treat with his new family and friends.

Rebecca's Cookie Philosophy:

Rebecca's love for cookies is evident in her choice of favorite treats. She adores cookies that get better as you eat them. This is precisely why French macarons are near the top of her list. As you bite into a macaron, the flavors meld together harmoniously. Beyond the taste, the varying textures of the cookie create a fascinating and delightful experience.

Baking Wisdom from Rebecca:

Rebecca's journey as a cookie baker has taught her valuable lessons that she generously shares with aspiring bakers. Her best cookie-making tips include weighing ingredients, using baking ratios and math to achieve precision, taking detailed notes during the baking process, and never being afraid to fail and try again. These nuggets of wisdom speak to her dedication to the craft and her commitment to perfection.

Honoring Memories through Cookies:

One of the most touching aspects of Rebecca's cookie journey is how she honors her family's traditions and memories through her baking. Growing up, her grandmother used to make orange Chocolate Chip Cookies as a special treat. When her grandmother passed away, around the time Rebecca was mastering vegan macarons, she decided to pay tribute to her beloved grandmother by recreating those cookies as a vegan version. This act of remembrance ensured that more family members could enjoy the same delightful treat. While the original recipe couldn't be replicated exactly, Rebecca's reinvention allowed her to keep her grandmother's memory alive through a new and accessible version of the cherished family cookies.

Rebecca's story is a heartwarming example of how baking can be about more than just making delicious treats; it's about creating memories and forging connections with loved ones. At BakeCamp LA Weekend 3 in San Fernando Valley on October 22nd, attendees will not only have the opportunity to taste her delectable Raspberry Lychee Vegan French Macarons but also to witness firsthand the love and dedication she pours into her craft.

Rebecca Rodriguez and Scarlett Phoenix Sweet Treats are changing the cookie game, one delectable, compassionate bite at a time. So, don't miss the chance to meet this incredible baker and try her vegan delights. Join her at BakeCamp LA Weekend 3 for a culinary experience that's as heartwarming as it is delicious.

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