Josie's Brown Butter Sugar Cookies at #BakeCamp LA

Josie's Brown Butter Sugar Cookies at #BakeCamp LA

Meet Josie Bailey: A Passionate Animal Lover and Advocate Baking for a Cause at BakeCamp LA

In the heart of Koreatown, there's a remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to caring for animals and spreading love throughout the community. Meet Josephine (Josie) Bailey, the founder of Josie & the Pups'N’Cats—an endeavor born out of a lifelong love for animals and a deep-rooted commitment to their well-being.

With a background in biology and an unyielding affection for furry friends, Josie's journey as an animal advocate began long before she officially started her pet care service. She found ways to connect with animals throughout her life, fostering her innate talent for caregiving and championing the needs of those who couldn't speak for themselves.

Baking with a Purpose

Beyond her work with Josie & the Pups'N’Cats, Josie's passion for animals extends to the kitchen, where she showcases her baking prowess. A true animal lover, she's gearing up to participate in the upcoming BakeCamp Weekend 3, scheduled for October 22nd in San Fernando Valley. This event not only brings together baking enthusiasts but also serves as a platform to raise funds for animal welfare causes in the local community.

Josie is excited to bake an array of delicious cookies for this event. While she's considering options, she's leaning towards crafting her famous brown butter sugar cookies. With her exceptional baking skills, Josie aims to contribute not only to the event's success but also to the betterment of animals in need.

Favorite Cookies and Baking Tips

When it comes to her favorite cookies, Josie's heart belongs to the classics. A classic homemade chocolate chip cookie holds a special place in her heart, boasting that perfect combination of crispy and chewy textures that everyone adores. Close behind are the elegant and delicate shortbread cookies, a testament to her refined taste.

Josie's baking philosophy emphasizes precision and creativity. She's a firm believer that baking is a science that demands exact measurements for consistency and quality. However, she's not afraid to sprinkle in a touch of her own creativity—an unexpected ingredient or twist—to make her treats truly unique and enjoyable.

Cherished Cookie Memories

Josie's love for animals extends into her holiday traditions, particularly during Christmas time. Recounting a heartwarming memory, she fondly remembers a Christmas where she had been bedridden due to illness for an entire ten days. As soon as she regained her strength, she channeled her energy into baking treats and crafting stockings for both dogs and cats.

With her sister by her side, they embarked on a mission to bring double the joy by delivering these thoughtful gifts to every door. The result? A double dose of Christmas for all the furry friends in the neighborhood—a memory that encapsulates Josie's compassion and dedication to animals.

Josie & the Pups'N’Cats: A Vision for Animal Enrichment

Formally established in 2021, Josie & the Pups'N’Cats is more than just a pet care service. It's a haven for animals to receive dedicated attention, compassionate care, and enriching experiences. From walks to companionship, Josie and her team pour their kindness and hard work into every household they touch.

With their tireless dedication, they've not only gained clients but also friends within the community. The services they provide not only ensure pets are safe and happy but also contribute to the overall well-being of the animals they care for.

As Josie and her team continue to evolve, their mission remains unwavering: to enrich the lives of pets and their owners by delivering top-notch pet care services while fostering a community of animal lovers from Los Angeles from Vermont Ave to Lincoln Blvd and everywhere in between. 

In baking, pet care, and life, Josephine (Josie) Bailey stands as a beacon of compassion, dedication, and love for animals. Her presence in the Koreatown shines bright, reminding us all of the positive impact one individual can make when they follow their heart. So, come October 22nd, be sure to try one of Josie's delectable creations at BakeCamp Weekend 3—it's a taste of her warmth and commitment in every bite.

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