Jorge and Arcelia's Secret Family Peruvian Cookies at #BakeCamp LA

Jorge and Arcelia's Secret Family Peruvian Cookies at #BakeCamp LA

Baking Up a Storm with Jorge & Arcelia Dios of Dios Bakes at BakeCamp LA Weekend 2

If you're a cookie enthusiast, mark your calendars for October 14th because something extraordinary is about to happen at BakeCamp LA Weekend 2 in Pacific Palisades. Jorge & Arcelia, the pro cookie bakers behind Dios Bakes (and Ry Ry's Cookies), are gearing up to unveil a well-guarded family secret recipe. We are thrilled to share with you this tantalizing revelation that will surely tickle your taste buds.

At Dios Bakes, they are more than just a cookie business; they're a family-owned enterprise driven by a burning passion for sharing our delicious Peruvian cookies with the world. Their story is deeply rooted in tradition and the love of baking, and they can't wait to introduce you to a unique and scrumptious family recipe that's been a closely guarded secret for generations.

A Peek into the Family Peruvian Cookie Recipe

For the very first time, BakeCamp attendees will get an exclusive preview of this exciting family Peruvian cookie recipe. Jorge & Arcelia, the masterminds behind Dios Bakes, have been perfecting this recipe for years. It's a testament to the rich culinary heritage of their Peruvian roots and his dedication to crafting the perfect cookie.

Their Peruvian cookie recipe has a delightful blend of flavors and textures that will transport you straight to the heart of Peru. They can't reveal all the details just yet, but you can expect an extraordinary cookie experience that combines tradition, innovation, and, of course, deliciousness.

A Taste of Dios Bakes

Their cookies are crafted with the utmost care, using only the finest ingredients. Soon, you'll be able to find our tantalizing treats online, so you can savor the goodness of Dios Bakes from the comfort of your home.

Marcel's Cookie Favorites

When we asked Jorge & Arcelia what's their favorite cookie, they confessed a love for shortbread. However, they also expressed an appreciation for anything that hails from a Jewish deli. This diversity in taste is a testament to their passion for exploring the world of cookies and baking, which they generously shares with their customers.

Baking Tips from Marcel Dios

Jorge & Arcelia's advice to aspiring bakers is to be adventurous and not be afraid of making mistakes. They firmly believes that sometimes, a "mistake" can turn into the best thing that ever happened to a cookie. So, don't be shy in your kitchen experiments and embrace the creative journey that is baking.

Favorite Cookie Memory

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Dios Bakes is their commitment to family traditions. Every holiday season, they embark on a cookie baking marathon, churning out over 300+ cookies to share with neighbors, family, and friends. It's a cherished tradition that brings joy and sweetness to their celebrations and the lives of those around them.

Jorge & Arcelia Dios and Dios Bakes are about to take BakeCamp LA Weekend 2 by storm with their long-held family Peruvian cookie recipe. This exciting reveal is a testament to their dedication to the art of baking and their passion for sharing their delectable creations with the world. So, mark your calendars, cookie lovers, and get ready to embark on a delicious journey with Dios Bakes. You won't want to miss this opportunity to taste a piece of their Peruvian heritage and experience the magic of their cookies firsthand.

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