Chloe's Pumpkin Cookies with Citrus Glaze Cookies at #BakeCamp LA

Chloe's Pumpkin Cookies with Citrus Glaze Cookies at #BakeCamp LA

Meet Chloe Cumbow: The Cookie Artisan of BakeCamp LA Weekend 3

In a world filled with fast-paced lives and convenience food, there's something truly special about the warmth and love that go into homemade cookies. Chloe Cumbow, a passionate baker, is bringing that special touch to BakeCamp LA Weekend 3, set to take place in the picturesque San Fernando Valley on October 22nd. Chloe will be presenting her beloved Pumpkin Cookies with Citrus Glaze, a delightful taste of Autumn that beautifully merges the flavors of California and New England. In this blog post, we'll delve into Chloe's love for cookies, her favorite baking tips, and her cherished cookie memories.

A Gentle Time of Homemade Treats

Chloe Cumbow's Pumpkin Cookies with Lemon Glaze harken back to a more gentle time, a time when it was perfectly acceptable to hand out homemade treats on Halloween. These delicious morsels are a nostalgic reminder of a simpler era when neighbors knew each other, and sharing homemade cookies was a cherished tradition.

Cookie Artistry and Favorites

Chloe's affinity for cookies is not just professional; it's personal. When asked about her favorite cookie, she finds it hard to choose, but ultimately, her heart lies with Linzer cookies. These delicate, jam-filled treats are a testament to her love for classic, time-honored recipes. Linzer cookies, with their intricate designs and sweet fillings, truly showcase the artistry of cookie baking.

Chloe's Cookie Tip: Practice Makes Perfect

Chloe's best piece of advice for aspiring bakers is simple yet profound: practice. She's quick to emphasize that even failed cookies, when crafted with high-quality ingredients, are still incredibly tasty. Her own experience has taught her the value of learning from mistakes and the sheer joy of experimenting in the kitchen. "Yes," Chloe admits with a chuckle, "I've made my share of failed cookies. Some of them were downright... dam," she says, recalling the comical mishaps. But the beauty of Chloe's philosophy is that those less-than-perfect cookies were still devoured with delight, proving that in the world of cookies, there's no such thing as a complete disaster.

Chloe's Favorite Cookie Memory

One of Chloe's favorite cookie memories is undoubtedly tied to her upcoming creation, the Pumpkin Cookies with Citrus Glaze. These cookies represent a fusion of flavors that encapsulate her love for both California and New England. When asked about the memory behind these cookies, Chloe's eyes light up. "I remember making these cookies with my family in New England," she says, "and later, I introduced them to my friends in sunny California. The aroma of pumpkin and the zing of orange zest—it's like a piece of my heart in every bite." This memory embodies the power of food to evoke feelings of home and belonging, transcending geographical boundaries.

Chloe Cumbow is not just a baker; she's a creator of memories and a connoisseur of timeless flavors. Her journey as a baker has taught her that the magic of cookies isn't just in their taste, but in the moments they create. Her dedication to perfecting her craft and sharing her passion with others is what makes Chloe Cumbow a standout cookie artisan.

As BakeCamp LA Weekend 3 approaches, make sure to stop by and savor Chloe's Pumpkin Cookies with Lemon Glaze. These cookies are more than just baked goods; they are a testament to the power of tradition, the joy of learning, and the beauty of sharing the love of homemade treats with the world. Chloe Cumbow's cookies, filled with the warmth of Autumn and the heart of a baker, are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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