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Cupcake Decorating Tips
French Closed Open Star and Round Frosting Tips
French Star Tip
Open Star Tip
French Star Tip cupcakes decorating
Tiffany Blue Cake Decorating Bag


World's Best Cupcake Frosting Kit

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Want to create beautiful cupcakes, but you don't want the hassle of frosting them? Want to know the secret to frost perfect cupcakes fast, professional way? It's easy... use the right tip!'s World's Best Cupcake Decorating Kit, has everything you need to decorate beautiful cupcakes (and cakes) - fast and effortless. Works on all cake sizes - jumbo to mini cupcakes and any size cake. 

Each kit includes the following extra large, stainless steel tips: 

  • Round Tip
  • Closed Star Tip
  • French Tip
  • Super Star Tip
  • One 16"Large Silicone Washable/Reusable Pastry Piping Bag (once you trim the end, it will fit all tips). Color is similar to what you would imagine a Tiffany Blue color would look like. 

Our tips are two inches tall. These are jumbo, extra-large tips not to be confused with traditional piping tips - they are guaranteed to make your cupcakes frost effortlessly. 

Check out our tips in action: