Meet the BakeCamp Bakers!

New to BakeCamp? Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and support a great cause!

This October, join us at BakeCamp L.A., a fun, heartwarming and family-friendly cookie party & cookie competition featuring the best cookie bakers in Los Angeles -- all under one roof! Every ticket sold will help pets in need. Come try the best cookies, pick your favorite & help us crown "LA's Favorite Cookie Baker!" And it's all for a great cause! Helping Paw Works save puppies!

Rachel's Cookie Trifecta at #BakeCamp LA

Rachel's Cookie Trifecta at #BakeCamp LA

Meet Rachel LaRochelle: The Cookie Maven of BakeCamp LA!

Calling all cookie enthusiasts! Get ready for a mouthwatering experience at BakeCamp LA as the talented home baker Rachel LaRochelle joins us with her delectable creations. From her famous homemade S'mores cookies to the classic Chocolate Chip Delights (with Walnuts), and delightful Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies, Rachel's passion for baking will undoubtedly leave everyone with a sweet tooth.

Rachel will be joining us at TWO BakeCamps -- Weekend 1: Hollywood - Oct 7 & Weekend 2: Pacific Palisades - Oct 14 (Buy Tickets

On the first weekend of BakeCamp LA, Rachel will be showcasing her baking prowess in Hollywood. Be sure to mark your calendars for October 7th as she brings a delightful surprise from her collection of signature cookies.

If you miss her on the first weekend, worry not! Rachel will be back with even more irresistible treats at Pacific Palisades on October 14th. Prepare to be amazed as she presents another one of her delightful cookie creations.

The S'mores Cookie Sensation

One of the highlights of Rachel's repertoire is her S'mores Cookies. What sets these cookies apart is that everything, from the Graham crackers to the marshmallow, is lovingly made from scratch. The labor of love put into creating these cookies undoubtedly adds an extra touch of deliciousness to each bite.

A Chocolate Chip Affair

While Rachel's S'mores Cookies may steal the spotlight, her heart belongs to the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, Rachel firmly believes that nothing satisfies her sweet cravings like a perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie. Her secret? Using only the finest ingredients and advocating for Ghirardelli chocolate chips, which she swears are the best.

Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Another delightful treat from Rachel's kitchen is her Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies. These buttery cookies filled with luscious raspberry jam are a testament to her expertise in creating sweet delights that melt in your mouth.

Favorite Cookie Memory

Behind every great home baker is a heartfelt cookie memory, and Rachel favorite dates back to a memorable family road trip. During her childhood, she and her siblings tried the famous DoubleTree cookies for the first time. The taste left an everlasting impression, and ever since, every stay at a DoubleTree calls for indulgence in those nostalgic cookies.

Joining BakeCamp LA

Rachel is thrilled to be a part of BakeCamp LA, where she can share her passion for baking with fellow enthusiasts. She hopes to inspire others to experiment in the kitchen and embrace the joy of creating delicious treats from scratch.

BakeCamp LA is in for a treat as Rachel LaRochelle graces the event with her extraordinary talent. From her meticulously crafted S'mores Cookies to her all-time favorite Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and delightful Raspberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies, attendees are in for a cookie extravaganza. Rachel is keeping her options open, and the anticipation of which cookies she'll present at each event adds an exciting element of surprise.

Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity to taste the magic and be inspired by Rachel's delightful creations. Join us at BakeCamp LA and embark on a delightful journey through the world of cookies with Rachel LaRochelle. 

Recipes Contains: Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Chocolate 

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